Scruffy Looking Podcasters: A Star Wars Podcast

Ep. 4: Toy leaks and speculation.. and Chopper!

September 5, 2017


-our star warsy week... force friday results!
-cantobight police speeder??
-IGN snoke's ring
-DJ's hat
-death star on box art

Last Jedi
-New photo of Luke on Hungarian magazine
-Empire's SW TLJ magazine cover photos (2)
-Mark Hamill's interview with AP
-From Sphero app Mega class star destroyer.. revealed from Sphero app
-Leia's flagship The Raddus mon cal ship
Han Solo
-Paul Bettany in Han Solo film
-season 4 trailer. Premiers October 16 in Disney XD
-Tie in to Rogue One
-Per Dave Filoni: The first few eps of S4 wrap up a few left over plot lines, then from ep 5 on it deals with wrapping up Ezra's story #StarWarsRebels

-Jedi Challenges VR experience by Lenovo, preorder now, available november
-new Ultimate Collector Series lego millenium falcon.. 7,541 pieces... $799.99..
-33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 8 inches tall and features a detailed interior

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