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Ep. 16: Will Leia and Kylo meet? and Inferno Squad what?

November 28, 2017

Kev and Ed talk what Star Wars stuff they got this week including Smuggler's Bounty and the Proganda book

James has been pwning noobs in Battlefront 2 (maybe)

Segment: Are you kidding me? (Kev’s turn)


The Last Jedi

  • Rian Johnson Confirms no Lando
  • TLJ Last Jedi Press event in Mexico city
  • TV SPOTS! Anything new of note?
  • Anthony Breznican EW luke and leia article
  • Andy Serkis spoke with EW about kylo Ren’s training
  • Via Hollywood Reporter - tracking for a $200 million-plus domestic opening weekend
  • Empire Magazine covers

Rogue One

  • Per Film School Rejects: Alexandre Desplat talks why he dropped out of scoring Rogue One


  • Review of Rebel assault and Season so far


  • Spoiler containing BF2 campaign Review and early multiplayer review
  • new Thrawn cover
  • Ahmed Best reads jar jar scene in aftermath


Scruffy Emails!

- Ben wants to know where to start in Star Wars lore

- Carl has questions about lightsabers and the Millenium falcon

- Melvin asks about porgs and Bidlo Kwerve

- Mike asks what our least favorite characters are

- and Matt asks about who will challenge Rey in The Last Jedi and what we like to sip on during the podcast


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