Scruffy Looking Podcasters: A Star Wars Podcast

Ep. 24: Let’s have a Porgy with a side of pulled Porg.

January 30, 2018


-               James Reads Leia Princess of Alderaan again

-               Ed talks his latest smuggler’s bounty box and visual encyclopedias

-               Kev talks his VR experience with The VOID’s SW: Secrets of the Empire

SEGMENT: Are you kidding me?

-       Kev has something on Yoda…

The Last Jedi 
- Box office
- Oscar nominations
- The Star Wars show
      -  Novelization 
      -  Han Solo's funeral
      -  Deleted scene footage
-  Domnhall gleeson interview
-  Does Kylo think his mother is dead?
Han Solo
- Ron Howard tweets BTS photo with Warwick Davis
- Trailer?
- Ranger Solo in china
- Antagonist?

- Carrie Fisher was awarded her first Grammy

Scruffy listener emails!

-       Dave asks about Vader not sensing Leia and Leia’s force ability awakening

-       Charlie asks for a T/F pregame show for Rebels final season

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